I work with women who are dealing with a wide range of issues

including the following:

·       anxiety

·        depression, grief & loss

·        stress

·        parenting or relationship concerns (Couples Counseling)

·        low self-esteem

·        negative body image

·        managing work and family

·        life transitions

Along with my focus on Women’s wellness, I also work with women who are having a difficult time with the adjustment to motherhood. You may not be experiencing symptoms of Postpartum anxiety or depression, but you are just finding the new role hard to navigate. For some, the identity shift can seem jarring, and regaining your sense of self again is important to you.

Many times, shortly after your baby is born, you may need to return back to work, and leaving your baby can seem unbearable. It is my goal to help you navigate this enormous transition.

As a result of becoming a parent, your personal relationships can also go through a period of transition. To assist with the transition, I work closely with couples who have just become new parents.  I strive to help them forge their new path, and promote a renewed sense of confidence in their relationship as parents.