Motherhood is by far one of the biggest transitions that you will go through in your life. And while the experience brings forth many beautiful moments, those moments also are filled with feeling physically, mentally and emotionally drained all at the same time. Since we are usually unprepared for what to expect, it can be difficult to admit any struggles you may be having, in fear of being misunderstood and judged. Many moms will conceal how they are feeling, as if they have to keep it a secret from everyone else. As a fellow mom and licensed therapist, I understand firsthand, how important it is to have extra support during this crucial time.

You may hear other moms talking about their amazing pregnancy and postpartum experiences, while you are experiencing scary and distressing thoughts and feelings. Hearing other moms’ stories may make you feel even more ashamed and isolated. However, these stories may not exactly depict their whole situation. Many moms tend to only share the “good” parts of motherhood and refrain from sharing the challenging, emotionally & physically draining parts of it. When this happens, it becomes hard to relate to that “perfect scenario”, which leads to further shame and self doubt.

There is no manual when you become a mom and we are often expected to just “find our way” and return back to “normal” as soon as possible. It is OK to admit that you are having a difficult time with it all.

You may also feel added pressure from yourself to be the “perfect mom”, which can make you feel even worse. I do not believe that there is such a thing as a “perfect mom”, you can only do the best that you can at the moment.

If you are experiencing feelings of anxiety or depression, it is important to seek help for the way you are feeling, no matter how scary or distressing it may seem.

I work with prenatal moms through pregnancy, into their postpartum stage and beyond. I also offer therapeutic services for moms on bed rest, who may be experiencing a high risk pregnancy. Dads are also prone to experience an identity shift and are encouraged to join sessions if the need arises.

Feel free to contact me for a brief consultation to see if I can help.

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