Hi, I think we can all agree, being a mom is hard work! It is one of the biggest transitions that you will go through as a woman. Whether you are pregnant, just became a new mom or you are already a mom, it can seem like no one understands how you are feeling. Honestly, sometimes you may not even know, and for some, it can be an extremely overwhelming and stressful time. You may just not feel like yourself.

Nothing really prepares you for the experience of becoming a mom, your sense of self is dramatically altered, along with encountering so many new physical and emotional changes as well. Adjusting to life with a new baby most likely means you are sleep deprived and encountering sheer exhaustion. You may find that your initial period of happiness is now clouded with feelings of sadness and isolation, and at times it can feel hard to cope and manage it all.

While you are going through this experience, you may develop feelings of anxiety, depression, stress or panic. You can also have intrusive thoughts that are scary or distressing. Those thoughts may lead you to feel ashamed and isolated even further.

Shame is one of the reasons that many moms keep how they are feeling a secret from everyone. Please know that any negative feelings that you may be having do not define you as a mom, or as a person. They are treatable and with the proper help, you can begin to feel better. I believe that it is crucial for moms to feel supported, valued and nurtured, and it is my priority to provide you with the support necessary to help you to start feeling better again.



My private practice in the Freehold area specializes in the treatment of Postpartum Anxiety and Depression along with Women’s wellness. An estimated 7 out of 10 women will hide or downplay any symptoms of anxiety or depression out of shame or fear of judgement from others.

Without understanding, support and treatment, these feelings can worsen and have lasting effects. As women, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to “have it all together”, which is what sometimes stops us from helping ourselves first. Please visit my “Services” page for more detailed information on how I can help you.


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Many people want to begin therapy, but feel unsure of how to find the right therapist for them. I will provide you with a safe space to share how you are feeling, and to help you to regain a sense of wellness again. I understand that your time is limited, which is why I provide both in-office & in-home concierge therapy. Feel free to contact me for a brief consultation to learn more about my services. 732.829.8891